Artists in Christian Testimony (A.C.T.) Intl
www.fuseclub.tumblr.com  with Ben Rohan.

Beracah Foundation (orphanage) with Bruce, Karen, & Bianca
After the fall of Communism in December 1989, the plight of Romania’s children came into clear focus, revealing the homelessness and rejection of countless youth. In Jdioara, a loving older lady, Anna, gave her home and property to a couple—Ruben and Karen Popet—in exchange for end-of-life care. Ruben and Karen brought much experience to caring for these orphans from a previous facility. Funds from Europe and America paid for the construction of a home for 20 children. Beginning in March 2002, the home was opened to afford a loving setting for children without hope and direction. The orphanage stands firm in Christian principles while operating under the rules and guidelines of the Romanian childcare system, which places children according to criteria beneficial to each child. Currently, there are 20 children in the care of Beracah Orphanage.

Gateway to the Nations
with Steve & Carol Chulick

Hand ‘n’ Hand Pregnancy Help Center
with Gary & Ginger
Office Phone: 636.464.8400
e-Mail: info@handnhandphc.org

Mission Gate Ministry

Oasis International
with Mark & Joanie Ackers

Regions Beyond International
with Bruce & Becky McDonald

The Baddour Center
with John & Christy Matlach
Office Phone: 1.888.422.3368
e-Mail: donorinfo@baddour.org
Facebook: www.facebook.com/BaddourCenter

World Indigenous Missions
with Jessica & Rigoberto Bautista
e-Mail: jessicamb_93@hotmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/jessiebriles

World Indigenous Missions
The Briles Family (Chris, Vonda, & Carmen)
Entrusting the Gospel to reliable men who will also teach others. (2 Timothy 2:2)
Office Phone: 830-627-9118
e-Mail: chrisbriles@worldim.com; vonkayb@gmail.com

World Indigenous Missions
Dale & Kathy Pugh
e-Mail: dalepugh@yahoo.com